Basics of Digital Publishing

To best orient both new and active publishers we have created this resource to classify digital magazine publishing solutions. The objective is to differentiate aspects of the digital publishing process centered on solutions for the startup, independent, and mid-size publishing operation. Enterprise publishing solutions catering to the major magazine publishing groups are beyond the scope of this resource.

First, without getting into the presentation format of the content, most of the publishing workflow tools have already been digital as software tools for over 20 years. The desktop publishing era provided immediate value to the editorial process and graphic design software applications soon followed.

The process of digital publishing is centered on the process (or workflow) of producing digital assets to be published. Today, this extends well beyond digital publishing software tools as there are many cloud based publishing solutions and publisher support services that add value to the process of collecting, organizing, editing, and designing content for the intended communication channel.

Digital publishing today can simply be defined as “Publishing content in a digitally accessible format.”

The act of digital publishing is more specific than the genre of digital publishing processes related to multiple media types and formats.

Digital Publishing Rise in the Information Technology Era

Digital publishing is the process of electronically publishing information to audiences. In the early stages of the Internet growth e-publishing can considered an alternative media communication channel. Digital publishing today represents the entire infrastructure of digital communications central to any modern brand. New niche, news, special interest, and enthusiast brand have also quickly evolved and online only website destinations and apps without any print counterpart or offline publishing channel intention.

Digital Magazine Publishing for Periodical Publishers

Digital publishing applied to the periodical publishing business model.  Previously the category was distinguished by the the ‘print edition’ and publishers leveraging the magazine brand where know as ‘print publishers.’  As many in the industry were challenged with the inevitable future of the print magazine publication, the focus became the media and the brand over the “ink on Paper” printed magazine.  The Magazine Publishers of America even changed their name to be more globally inclusive and to demonstrate their ability to represent the modern magazine publisher.  The organization now named The Association of Magazine Media.

Multi-Channel Publishing – Digital Publishing Apps

Multi-channel digital publishing encompases the tools and solutions for publishers that output native multi-format publishing deliverables.  Some of these vendors also offer vertical and horizontal market value extension options to improve the overall suite of enterprise publishing operations facilitated by the tools.  An excellent resource for the spectrum of cross-channel publishing apps has been created by Talking New Media.