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Premium Digital Newsletter Team Options


Full service means you just provide content and media. We enhance and add images, edit video, and design illustrations.

Newsletters can have a high perceived value as part of a membership or brand follow deliverable. Make it count!


Experience the opt-in to the newsletter


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Examples will allow you to Opt-In to non-paid or paid subscription/ membership (price set to $1.00) to fully demonstrate the e-commerce experience and ability for your subscribers or members to use an interface where they can access the newsletters or other paid content such as reports or magazines and invoice and payments.

Subscriber Paid

Subscriber Non-Paid (or trial)

Member Paid (Sub or Membership)

Member Non-Paid (Subscription or Membership)

All the example subscriber and member email examples link to live premium newsletter edition examples

See Why Premium EDitions are Better

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Examples are on the way

Get readers out of the inbox. Plus we can edit critical information even after an email notification is sent to subscribers.

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FULL SERVICE – You just send content, we handle the digital newsletter publication and all email and subscriber managent.  You have full access to the email and payment systems (Stripe or Paypal payment gateway)

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The Advontemedia team will provide a quote and call to confirm setup options.  All digital production will be quoted based on the VERTIQUL premium editions platform.


Reach David Blankenhip the agency owner for any additional information or questions at:


[email protected]


Pricing agreement approval begins the setup and we are ready to take your file uploads.