Publishers and Platforms: Who Will Win Control of Content and Distribution?
By Kimberlee Morrison on Jun. 10, 2016 – 12:00 PM  /  More by Ms. Morrison

The article brings up a key concern by publishers today about how the life of the content they publish.  If they publish to social media platforms they remove the value their content provides their own website and any revenue or traffic they would achieve by linking only on these social networks to their websites.  If content creators turn over their content to the platform it seems they should certainly have a strategy in place to capitalize on the arrangement where the distribution channel benefits from native content.

The article begins,
The relationship between social networks and content creators used to be one of symbiosis: Users shared content with their friends on social platforms and, in return, platforms sent traffic back to the original website.

the trend has been toward “native” content

But more recently, the trend has been toward “native” content that lives within the confines of social networks and mobile apps. As a result, publishers are losing control over both the distribution channels and their audience, and power has shifted into the hands of social platforms that are increasingly becoming walled gardens.

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