What makes US Modern Publishers

What makes the publishing process modern? I think it comes down to a design that evokes the latest style and content presentation to the reader.  Websites that reflected a modern design in 2010 is clearly dated design presentation in 2020.  Even if the 2010 redesign addressed responsive content presentation.  In 2021, and 2022 minor elements of will have evolved again to demonstrate another step forward.  

Around 2015 is when we realized that mobile device technology was mature enough to display responsive editorial and design in an amazing format.



The Content

Sure, if the content is amazing, the readers still tolerate that the publisher has no budget, interest, or vision to realize that a majority of visitors recognize that the delivery framework is dated.

Where it hurts.  The advertiser wants only numbers and results.  They can see that they are hitching up to an old dog media brand.  There’s no excitement to see their ad on the in the same way they perhaps still that shot of excitement when turning 3 pages in to the magazine and seeing their ad.  The advertiser is thinking, “boy I hope the boomer generation reading this picks up the phone and calls in an order or lead to my company.” It happens. But the 35 year old professional now searching for the same advertisers services is off googling the industry and making quick action of who the market leaders are for their online inquiry.  They ain’t the ones phoning in for product info.

The Test

Perform an A/B test.  Next week, send out a modern designed email.  Check that comparative open rate. Who noticed?  Include a like this format link?  Show both emails side by side and post on Twitter or LinkedIn asking for what the readers like better A or B.

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