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Last update: January 2021

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Advontemedia Inc. Group of Brands – Privacy Policy

Advontemedia provides digital media consulting and publisher media solutions. We collect information that allows us to personalize our communications and services to commercial brands, associations, content marketing professionals and non-profit organizations.

We store information about our list subscribers and those people who have completed forms or other inquiries via our service forums and support desk solutions.

Typically all tools have automatic options to be removed from a list or system that provides some type of email update, and we’re always available to check each of our main system to confirm a person or email has been removed. Any person in our marketing systems, career applicant tracking should be over the age of 16.

Collection and use of your information

The information provided to us and collected about user activity is used to make our communications more relevant to specific needs.

We collect basic information about our customers and potential customers or end users.

Publishers who utilize our services and platforms are solely responsible for the information gathered, privacy policy and terms of use for their sites. Although, these sites may be hosted or maintained by Advontemedia we do not utilize any personally identifiable information without publisher client approval to migrate or move data. We do not retain any data or records as the result of consulting or service relationship. We do not retain assets or materials provided by publisher clients other than content which has been posted as a function of our services in public or private client subscriber access locations.

Please use the contact us information below if we may assist in providing you the direct contact information or access to privacy policy of any customer se serve.

Information we collect

Information provided to us via forms, email, phone, or letter may contain notes stored in a customer database system Active Campaign CRM listed below.

Typical collection includes basic identity information

For example:
Company / Publication
Interest in our services
Priority concerns

Information we collect through your use of our products

When you use any of our websites we collect information that helps us to deliver the proper user experience, including personalization when appropriate. This may be as simple as personalization of an email such as, Hello %Firstname%, or more specific such as sending a specific email based on interest in a specific service such as digital newsletters. Information is collected from:

Email provider
Web page visits
IP address

Information we receive from third parties

Some third parties assist us in locating a match for social media data, address, phone or other information that provides a channel of communication a human may take to reach out for engagement or to make an introduction.

Information we do not track

We do not track or collect race, religion, ethnicity, or political positions.

Our solution partners and specific brand site policies

Each subdomain of our branded group of sites, has slightly different software and therefore utilizes a unique privacy policy.

Our sites and information about their usage privacy policy:

Owned and Operated by Advontemedia Inc. ( – see below for email contact at this mentioned domain for any questions or feedback service@)
Main site – Cookie Consent, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy
SMS & Web Push OneSignal
SMS & Web Push SendPulse
Email Newsletter: Opt-in and privacy acceptance upon signup /
Vendor: ActiveCampaign Privacy Policy
Opt out at:

Advontemedia, Inc
Parent Company – Maintains Specific Terms and Privacy Policy
Vendor: Zendesk –

Information we share with our partners

In some instances, we disclose personal information to third parties or when we are required to do so by contract or law. “Third parties” include agents, subcontractors, sponsors and other associated organizations. An example may be a firm hired to perform follow up phone calls to extend webinar invitations to persons who have shown interest in our solutions in the past.

We expect all partners to contractually confirm that information we share remain exclusive to our company outreach or customer service purposes. All partners are responsible for their own data handling and privacy policies.

Retaining and storing your information

We retain information for all active subscribers, list participants, prospects, and customers. When a contact becomes inactive we may retain the contact information for several years yet we perform annual deletions of all contact that have not shown continued interest (not opened an email, not active support requests, no active orders) and typically remove these contacts annually.

Keeping your information safe

We take information security seriously and do not allow staff or development team members to store or retain databases or lists locally outside of our normal data hosting vendors platforms.

Individuals under 16 years of age

We do not intentionally, or knowingly, process personal information from individuals under the age of 16.

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

In addition to the rights documented elsewhere in this Privacy Policy, if you are a California Resident you additional rights under CCPA. Rights include being informed of any of your personal data that has been “sold” (where sold for this purpose is defined below) and to opt out of the future selling of your personal data to third parties.

We may share your details with selected 3rd parties, where you have opted in for us to do so. If you change your mind at anytime you can opt out of the sale of personal data by using this link

Do Not Sell My Personal Information:

To submit requests for information about any of your personal data please use the contact us section or call 1-951-256-4944.

Cookie Policy

We use cookies to determine how users navigate and return to our site. Cookies may also be used within 3rd party tools which enable retargeting as well as helping us to determine others that may be interested in our content. Cookies also make sure we don’t nag (place a promotion or request banner on the page you are viewing) you with something you’ve already done or closed (like a no thanks button) , like signup for our newsletter or acknowledge cookies are used. Some cookies might even be set to let us know you are a subscriber and can view subscriber only content.

What is a Cookie?

A Cookie is a file that the browser remembers and shares back to the software running the website. Cookies expire and you may also clear cookies from your browser. Certain settings on your browser may even block cookies completely. Session Cookies – are temporary and are removed when you close your browser. Persistent Cookies – stay until an expiration date (typically 7, 30, or 90 days) or until deleted.

While each browser has a slightly different menu path or steps to remove cookies, here’s how to remove cookies on a chrome browser:

We recommend you use the incognito or private browser mode if you’d like to avoid cookies.

Clearing cache and cookies may also mean that your browser and device will need to re-download web page data. More on clearing cache and cookies:

Types of cookies we use

Essential – These provide access and require you log in again if they are cleared for a particular section of the site.

Functional – These cookies remember settings including accessibility adjustments or prevent us from showing you a similar message you’ve already been shown on another page. If you’ve completed a form on our site and opted-in, you’ve acknowledged that cookies and other audience identification tools like tracking pixels or tags allow us to determine what pages are viewed and links are clicked. This includes email opens and visits from our email communications.

Analytics – These cookies tell us what type of device you are using and where approximately you are viewing our site, typically down to a city level detail when we review countries and visitors. They tell us how many people total viewed pages on the site and what site referred the visitor to us.

Advertising – these cookies record site visit activity and impressions for certain ads that may actually be ads using behavioral targeting and thus triggering an ad from an advertisers because of some other website you visited or linked you clicked. We use Google Ads for our advertising management systems.

Opt-out of Cookies

The reference links above show how to remove cookies. To opt-out of cookies, we recommend private browsing and to select “No” for any section of the site that provides additional opt-in preferences on our sites.

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To suggest an edit or modification to this policy please use the contact us information below. This policy may be modified or changed anytime and changes to the functionality of our site or other vendors who may have access to data will be updated.

To contact us:
Please call 1.951.256.4944 9am to 4pm PST or utilize email support@ the parent company domain listed above under “Our sites…”

Can we assist you in any other way relevant to the functions of these sites?
Please register as a client for a help desk account here and just let us know how we can help you. There is no cost for a general inquiry and we are happy to remove and delete your date on any site upon request and after replying to your service ticket if that is your request.