Digital Newsletters from Professional Graphic Designers

Our California based team of publication graphic designer all work together as your partner to make a big impact for the premium digital newsletter publications we produce from your content.

Premium Digital Newsletter Team Options


nFull service means you just provide content and media. We enhance and add images, edit video, and design illustrations.

All our Digital Newsletter Publications are built using the VERTIQUL premium digital publications platform. Lower your newsletter printing bill by upgrading to digital newsletters that are full hosted and not just an email template!

Full Service Premium Digital

Just send us content!

Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly Editions

You send editorial + and sponsor/advertiser content and we handle the digital publication design, email template design for the issue notification email, and delivery; sending test and full live email campaign containing link to fully hosted digital publication. Digital newsletter / publication includes additional image sourcing or enhancements for your content. Actual pricing based on digital publication page count. Programs available for any size print equivalent newsletters; just a page or two, up to full 32+ pages size publications.

Add-On Tools:
– Member or Subscriber Payments
– Social Media Posting Campaign

Customized Digital Newsletter / Publication

Small or Very Large Digital Edition Newsletters
In addition to designing the digital publication for your review and approval prior to send, we manage and operate any email delivery platform you choose or use today.  You’ll get the test emails the day prior to send and everything will be ready to go.  Including any custom social media posts designed to intrigue your audience every newsletter edition. We manage the media kit for selling ads and sponsor position and handle all those details. We design from content assets OR from an existing print layout Indesign or other file. Every element of your content is hand custom designed to match your association brand and publication art direction or existing layout and style.

+ A Full Support Package Quoted for Team Co-newsletter Creation
+ Newsletter / digital publication promotion cover and logo/masthead
+ Multiple landing pages for easy member access and opt-in access funnels for others
+ Add preview editions with limited content access but conversion paths to join
+ Custom domain member / subscriber portal
+ Graphic enhancements for all image content plus Getty Images Access
+ Media kit design and ad sponsor agreement management
+ Includes designed and managed advertising upgrades & sponsorship
[Achieve larger revenue capabilities per edition for fully sponsored + ad enhancements revenue]
+ Includes annual edition hosting & maintenance for all 2 – 5 year packages
+ Includes custom social editions graphics for every edition
+ Annual platform & setup fee quoted

Premium Digital Newsletters

Full Service Ongoing Graphic Design each Week, Monthly or Quarterly. You provide content, we design can use your existing email delivery tool like constant contact or Mailchimp.
There’s no need to choose a package to get a quote.  Just tell us what type of newsletter you are sending today or want to start and we will match your needs with the right program when we send the full service premium newsletter quote.  We guide you every step of the way.  You just deliver edited content, we handle everything else!

Get the Details

Ongoing digital newsletter design service has been upgraded and is now fully performed by the talented digital editions software solutions team at

Visit the brand platform site to request a custom newsletter design solution.  Questions or want to speak with something directly about your needs, just call 1.951.256.4944.

Thank you!
“Premium digital publishing design services for publishers!

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Next Steps

The Advontemedia team will provide a quote and call to confirm setup options.  All digital production will be quoted based on the VERTIQUL premium editions platform.


Reach David Blankenship the agency owner for any additional information or questions at:


[email protected]


Pricing agreement approval begins the setup and we are ready to take your file uploads.