The Modern Upgrade for Email Newsletters to Digital Publications

Email Newsletter Publishing & Content Marketing  ~Must Evolve.

Opportunity: The best email newsletter template or template theme is only the creative device to get audience to the full digital newsletter publication line.

Periodic Based (Weekly Monthly) Publishing + Content Marketing requires us to review both the actual newsletter issue or send edition Part 1, and the email delivery creative part 2.

Part 1 – Modern Digital Publication

Take it beyond newsletter.  If you’ve got content then make it a full digital publication and deliver it like a digital publication. As a Monthly Edition or Weekly Edition or branded as a Monthly Digital Publication, the branding for this deliverable beyond “Newsletter” will already double the engagement and then can also expand content and advertising opportunities.
Is the Newsletter also Printed and Mailed?
It’s becoming a relic, there are organizations that want to continue printing a physical newsletter. These can also be upgraded to digital publications.
Digital Newsletters
Today, everyone expects digital convenience and access.  The digital publication must be viewable on any device with one click from the email creative link. It’s time to upgrade to a full premium digital publication as the newsletter communication deliverable.
VERTIQUL offers a full service platform. Submit all your newsletter, issue, edition, or digital publication content and a few days later (for weekly publications or weekly for monthly publications) the fully responsive digital publication is design as an online digital publication and ready for you to send the Part 2 email.
The solution also provides your part 2 inbox email or you can do the inbox email – more help below on that for those with existing systems in place below.

Part 2 – The Inbox Email Template Delivery

Next, let’s get the Email trigger email and template right too! Many people make the mistake of focusing on the wrong type of email template because they seek a design to carry everything (news, announcements, content, advertising) all inside the email within the inbox. Get the Part 1- actual digital publication right first.  Let’s review all the the things you can do to improve the email template which is just the trigger to get clickthrough to the full digital publication ~hopefully you’ve decided to upgrade to above.  The inbox email newsletter strategy.

Newsletter Results

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*Compatible with all email delivery platforms and is a completely hosted full service digital newsletter design service based solution.